Our Vets

“I wouldn’t leave you on the battlefield and I am not going to leave you alone here at home.” This has become my personal motto born out of my experience on the battlefield abroad and then coming home and seeing these men and women who served this country with their mind, body, and soul sitting out in the heat and cold asking for the scraps of the nation they bled for. They deserve better and so Moving Vets Forward was born. On this page you will be able to see photos of our successful missions and hear the stories of some of our vets.

– Ron Hernandez

This story is one of thousands. For the sake of the veterans it represents we will call him Joe. Joe was a serviceman who served his country with pride, honor, and dignity. When his country asked him to go far from home and promote the cause of freedom and democracy abroad he strapped in and did what needed to be done. He faced the horrors of war and stood shoulder to shoulder with his brothers, doing his best and serving with honor.

When he had completed his tour he headed home, his mind and body worn, the inner demons spawned by war always present as he remembered those brothers that he lost and the questions that could not be answered. He came back to a country that for the most part was disinterested in his sacrifice and didn’t understand what he was going through. Coming from a brotherhood born of blood to a civilian world of polite disinterest, he felt alienated and the inner demons only grew

Eventually they would drive him to run from everything he knew, his job, his home, and his family. It was a vicious cycle that he couldn’t escape and he found himself on the streets of a strange city
asking those who he served to protect for their scraps. at some point, one of the several organizations that are dedicated to helping men and women just like Joe put him in touch with Moving Vets Forward.

Suddenly he found himself with a fully furnished place to live, a new chance at life, and a support group of fellow veterans who understand what it is like to live a normal life after combat. In all reality it was move forward and the best part is all of this is provided at no cost to the veteran.

Joe is now slowly healing and having been given a hand up himself, he now can help do the same for another brother or sister who is where he once was. It is not just about getting a vet off the streets and cared for, it is about giving them a chance to move forward.

Fox Hole Rec Center for Vets

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