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Moving Veterans Forward was founded by Ron Hernandez from Omaha, Nebraska.  He now dedicates a large part of his time helping homeless Veterans in Iowa and Nebraska to get placed in homes.

The Veteran’s Administration out of Omaha notifies him of pending placements and Ron begins to move them in and find the necessities that they need. A large part of our endeavors is collecting furniture, clothing and other household items.  The main goal is to give these veterans the boost that they need to turn themselves around to become self-sufficient. 

Moving Veterans Forward relies completely on volunteers and everything that is collected is donated from homes locally. Thanks to social media like Facebook with community links, the support from our area has been overwhelming.  Every little bit helps, but there is so much more to be done.   
The purpose of the Fund is to encourage, solicit, receive and use charitable contributions and the income derived therefrom (even to the point of exhaustion of principal) in support of the current and future needs of Moving Veterans Forward.  The future needs of Moving Veterans Forward may include but not limited to purchasing furniture, food, renting storage units, maintaining vehicle expenses and reimbursement of mileage.

Thank you to everyone who has assisted with this mission.
Ron Hernandez

"I wouldn't leave you on the battle field and I am not going to leave you alone here at home."

Ron Hernandez Receives Jefferson Award

December 2016 Jefferson Award winner: Ron Hernandez

The local Fox television network has a monthly award for outstanding community service, and the December winner was CCC member Ron Hernandez.  Here is the article as it appears on their website.


Ron Hernandez isn't your average Joe.
He served in the army for 25 years, broke his back and leg and suffered a head injury.

However, he says his injuries don’t slow him down one bit. Instead, they motivate him.

"That's just my calling, to serve the community,” Hernandez said.
That’s why he started a group called Moving Veterans Forward in April of 2011.
He says if no one else will help, he will.

Every week, he moves homeless veterans into their new apartments with his truck. He also gets donations, like furniture and dishes, and keeps them in storage. That way, every veteran will have a fully furnished apartment at no charge.

“I feel that it's something that needs to be done," Hernandez said. "In five and a half years, we've moved 722 veterans."

He says that number will grow in the new year, but he has another plan up his sleeve; he wants to create a hangout spot for veterans. Hernandez hopes his ideas will inspire others across the nation.

For more information or to schedule a pick up, call or email us directly or with the form below.
Email: movingvetsforward@ yahoo.com

Nebraska -                     Call Ron     (402) 301-6300
North Central Iowa - Call John    (515) 341-7511
Western Iowa -             Call Dewey (712) 307-0494

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